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Outdoor batting cages have a number of advantages over indoor batting cages.  Pitches can be viewed in natural daylight or high mounted artificial lights, which provides a more realistic training experience.  With token operated systems, you can hit when you want and as much as you want.  No coaches or pitchers are required.  A variety of speeds are available to accommodate varying skill levels or for training purposes.  But best of all, YOU GET TO SEE THE BALL TRAVEL.  No more feeling like you made really good contact only to see the ball hit the top or side net twelve feet away.  This positive feedback is an essential part of developmental training.

Using the cages is easy.  Purchase tokens in advance.  Each token will work in any lane.  One token will activate the machine for 12 pitches.  Just drop it in the slot.  A yellow warning light will come on, then a few seconds later a red light will light up and the pitches will start and continue until complete, at which time all lights will go out and the lane is ready for another round.

Please note the rules and regulations for use of the lanes that are posted around the facility.  ALL BATTERS, REGARDLESS OF AGE, MUST WEAR HELMETS AT ALL TIMES IN THE LANES.  THIS INCLUDES SOFTBALL HITTERS.

We have a large supply of loaner helmets and bats for complimentary use.